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Free 2 day shipping on Amazon for college students [21 Aug 2011|05:04pm]

Just a heads up to fellow college students, Amazon is offering a free 6 month Prime membership to all college students again this year. All you need is a valid .edu email address and you can enjoy free 2 day shipping! http://amzn.to/rrN4Kh
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ATTN: students with a .edu email address [21 Jul 2010|11:33am]

Amazon is offering a free 1 year subscription to Amazon Prime (Which usually costs $79 a year. Perks include free 2 day shipping, and $3.99 overnight shipping): http://amzn.to/bSH8jP (url shortened with bit.ly)

This is being marketed towards college students but all you need is a valid .edu email address, so teachers and alumni might be able to benefit from this too (though the Terms of Service does say they have the right to ask for proof that you are a current student).

I apologize if you have already heard about this amazing deal. I just want to help spread the word on this before they stop offering it. I am not an employee of Amazon, nor do I gain anything from people signing up for this service.
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Cum Laude [09 Jul 2010|07:12pm]

What GPA gets counted for when you get Cum Laude honors? Is it the overall entire University GPA from every class you took, or the GPA you have within your specific Major/Minor?

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Competition for those who know the Law [01 Jun 2010|12:29pm]

The International Contest of Young Lawyers “Precedent” is an on-line activity for students and young professionals. It's a bilingual contest where you can send the work in English or Russian.
It’s main goal is to give young lawyers and students a place to share opinions and try their skills. At the same time practicing lawyers and the one who is just interested in jurisprudence may participate.
There are two spheres where the participant may choose a case to resolve - intellectual property and private international law. Here’s the list of cases.
You can vote for the works and comment! Here are the approved solutions.
The Contest is held till 21 of June 2010. You can send a work up to June 15.

Prizes for the winners are granted!
Participate and tell your friends and classmates!
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Elder Street Artists Lofts' Rummage Sale! Sunday, April 18th!! [14 Apr 2010|11:12pm]

We're doing it again! Come out to the Elder Street Artists Lofts (formerly the Jeff Davis Hospital) and buy our stuff! We'll have many things for sale. We'll have electronics, including TVs, stereo equipment, cameras, playstation 2 as well as clothes, records, cds, movies, furniture, cat furniture and so much more! And since we're artists, you know we'll have our art available for purchase as well! We are a community of photographers, fashion designers, painters, sculptors and jewelry makers. (I'm sure I've forgotten a few other specialties!) Of particular note, one artist will have clay beads and pre-Colombian clay!

The logistics:

1101 Elder St.
Houston, TX 77007

We are near Houston Ave and Washington Ave. (You know, the place you have to go for all of your traffic violations!)

April 18th (Sunday)
9am - 12pm


From Houston Ave, turn on Dart St. (You can only turn one way on dart, so it doesn't matter which way you're coming from) It's right after/before the railroad tunnel/underpass.
Go ALLLLLL the way down until you think we are just leading you into the woods and turn right on Elder. (You will have passed the police impound lot and HFD logistics building and come upon the old probation building.)

Once you are on Elder St. keep going until you see the first driveway on the right, turn in here and park in this lot (no guest parking in the front parking lot!)

We will have signs to direct you once you approach the building. We have yet to determine if we will keep the front door open, or use a backdoor closest to the parking lot. (You should check out the front of our building anyhow, it has an AMAZING view of downtown and you can read about the history of the building on our historical marker!)
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Hi there NCAA College Fans.... [27 Oct 2009|12:15pm]


Ok, first off, I have to say, I really have NO IDEA what I am doing with this. Hopefully I can actually post and not screw this up. ;)

Hi readers, My name is Cheri Rocha and I have recently opened an online business at www.yourcollegeteamstore.com. I am specializing in NCAA College teams in the C-USA, MAC, WAC, Mountain West, and SunBelt Divisions.

My husband was actually the inspiration for this store. He is an alumni of a C-USA school and was just tired of not being able to find merchandise for his school. You could always find stuff for the "Big Schools", or what would be considered the "popular" ones. So we started doing research and found that there are manufacturers that do make this stuff, but not many who will carry or sell it. So that is where Your College Team Store originated.

We are the typical family of 4, with 2 dogs, and a cat. Both our children are school aged and they really do eat up alot of our free time with all their sports and school activites, but we wanted to find something that we could do to help other "Division 1 School Alumni" or (current students) find the items that they want, without having to search and search for someone who makes or sells it.

As I said before, we just JUST OPENED...but, I am adding new items to every school in the C-USA, MAC, WAC, Mountain West, and SunBelt Divisions as I am able to find them. I will try and add new items as often and possible, and post on here what is new, and any promtions that we have that day/week.

I thank you in advance for taking a moment and clicking on our store link above... Please pass it along to your friends and family. The more people I can direct to the site, the higher I can get on those darn search engines... If you find something you like, and maybe it's not in your school, just let me know.. I will do what I can to find it for you.

Everyone have a safe and Happy Halloween this weekend. BTW GO COOGS!!!
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It's the final DANSEPARC!!! [09 Oct 2009|10:31am]

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current flyer

Alright, this is it! This is the FINAL danseparc. We started this thing in 2002 with Jen (Nuromantik now known as DJ Skully), Allison (Fashmagslag/Faux Fancy) and myself, Shoe. Since then we've had DJs leave and new ones come, such as Jaime (from Fashion Kills and Substance), Stacey (Mr. Pink Eyes) and Michael. Jaime now lives in Denver, Stacey is in Chicago and Allison is in NYC. They are ALL flying down here to play a set at the final danseparc! So for the first time ever, we will have every danseparc DJ playing a set in one night!

Many have asked why we are ending it. To that we say, check out this interview: http://www.29-95.com/music/story/danseparc-ends-its-seven-year-party (Thank you Ramon!)

We are sad to say goodbye but it is time. We want to thank you all for making it a fun night, we owe it all to you. So we hope you can make it out one last time, even if you don't go out anymore. Let's make it a night to remember!

We will have a lot of giveaways including mix cds, t-shirts and a little zine with the history of danseparc.

The Goods:

When: Saturday October 10th, 2009 9:30pm - 2am (maybe longer if you force us!)
Where: #s - 300 Westheimer
Who: Allison (Faux Fancy), Jen (Skully), Michael, Stacey (Mr. Pink Eyes), Shoe and Jaime
Why: We want to say goodbye!


If you have any pictures, please add them to the danseparc group on flickr! http://www.flickr.com/groups/danseparc/ (join the group and use the organizer to do a whole bunch at once!)

Thank you all again! We <3 you! See this Saturday!

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question [01 Oct 2009|06:47pm]

Sorry for off topic, but I need to know the opinion of the majority.. I am currently working in a big company and due to the financial crisis my Head Manager told me to improve my education or I will be fired. Thus I decided to get an MBA degree. But.. I can not leave my workplace right now.. too costly for me.. that's why I decided to go in for online MBA program. Is it OK? How can they give diploma at all at the distance? Thanks for all the answers!

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This Saturday, Andy Rourke of The Smiths DJ @ the 2nd to last DANSEPARC!! [18 Sep 2009|09:06am]


Danseparc & Connekted Present ::

Andy Rourke of The Smiths at Numbers!

DJ Andy Rourke is back at Danseparc! Come dance to one of the best and fun DJs in the world, Manchester's best kept secret, Andy Rourke!

This will also be the second to last Danseparcs ever! So get it while the gettin's good!

There's fun to be had!

Andy Rourke is a legend in his own right. When Johnny Marr and Morrissey formed The Smiths, Rourke joined the band after their second gig, and remained with the band almost throughout its existence. Marr claims that Rourke's contribution to The Queen Is Dead LP was "something no other bass player could match."

In the last several years, Rourke has traveled the globe as a DJ at some of the worlds hottest clubs, parties, concerts and music festivals, fashion shows, and private events. Energetic, fun, and extremely danceable, Rourke's DJ sets combine a healthy portion of Smiths classics. Britpop, indie-electro, new wave and dance rock. A musical journey from one of the pioneers of the UK indie rock scene.


Start Time:
Saturday, September 19, 2009 at 9:30pm

#s Nightclub
300 Westheimer St.

Check Out ::



Upcoming Events ::
9/19/09 Andy Rourke of The Smiths @ Numbers
9/26/09 Heavy Featuring Klute @ Club 112
10/3/09 Gritsy @ La Strada
10/31/09 Maskarave @ TBA NYC
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9/19 DJ Andy Rourke of The Smiths + 10/10 LAST EVER DANSEPARC!! [11 Sep 2009|11:20pm]


This will be the 2nd to last ever danseparc so come out and have some fun dancing to your favorite danseparc jams and from a legend!

10/10 will be the last ever danseparc. for this special occasion we are having ALL former and current danseparc DJs come in and spin. that's right...jen, jaime, allison and stacey will all be here for this conclusion!

we'll send out a proper announcement about this later but we do want to thank you all for a great 7 years! it's been fun!!
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Andy Rourke of The Smiths plays 2nd to last Danseparc ever on 9/19! [26 Aug 2009|09:22pm]

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Art & Stuff @ the Elder Street Artist Lofts!!! Sunday 8/16 [14 Aug 2009|04:25pm]

August 16th
9am - 6pm

We're opening our doors to the public for an indoor "yard" sale at the infamous Elder Street Artist Lofts formerly the old Jeff Davis Hospital. We will be selling the stuff we don't need anymore along with our art on 4 floors! (Elevators are available, wheelchair accessible.) Refreshments will be served as well!

We are a community of photographers, painters, fashion designers, jewelry makers and sculptors!

Please park in the back!

1101 Elder Street
Houston, TX 77007

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The Houston Fringe Festival [17 May 2009|10:19am]

The Houston Fringe Festival
The last day of events starts with a Grown-up Story time at Dean's Credit Clothing at 12:30 followed by shows, films, and a play written over the weekend in Montrose at Westheimer and Taft.

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DANSEPARC this saturday! [11 May 2009|12:17pm]

if you have an alfa romeo spider you get in for free!

come celebrate my graduation and others who are graduating as well!
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[07 May 2009|09:40am]


Is U of H tuition paying bar bills?

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DANSEPARC: Pretty in Pink - A Tribute to Leigh Boone [22 Apr 2009|02:34pm]

Join us in tribute to Leigh Boone. We will celebrate her life and one of her favorite things to do...dance!

A portion of the cover will go to the Boone family. And you will also be able to donate more if you would like. I ♥ leigh t-shirts will be available for purchase and proceeds go towards her family as well.

We will be playing her favorite songs which of course include Pretty in Pink!


$4 before 11pm
$6 after
All Ages

If you know any songs Leigh loved (and can be danced to.) please email these suggestions to danseparcesque@gmail.com

facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=80405316441


(in case you don't know, she was the girl on the bike hit by a firetruck on westheimer and dunlavy.)
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MTV's True Life - Casting [04 Mar 2009|04:26pm]

Hi Guys

My name is Jennifer and I am a casting associate at MTV.  Right now we are casting for an upcoming episode of True Life.  For this episode, we are looking for people who are at odds with their parents for one reason or another.  Whether it is because of your major, relationships, or your lifestyle, MTV is interested in hearing your story.  I would also appreciate if you could pass it along to anyone else you may know.

You can email your situations to Parents@mtvnmix.com with their name, age, location, phone number, and recent photo.

Thanks, and feel free to message me with any questions

You can also view the full casting flyer at MTV.com at the True Life section
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upcoming awesomeness! [11 Feb 2009|06:32pm]

the big thing you need to be preparing for is feb 21st at #s for danseparc is for covers! 4 bands playing awesome covers upstairs! doors are at 8pm sharp. bands start at 8:30 and end at 11pm. danse jams will be played from 8pm - 2am. great drink prices you won't find anywhere else!

dress in purple and be prepared for a healthy dose of prince tunes. check out the bands and who they are playing. the caprolites have canceled but we are working on another band to replace them!

danseparc is for covers flyerCollapse )

for the rest of the week:

first off, this wednesday, you should head over to #s for les boom with damon, fredster and brandon spinning some good electro tunes!

les boom flyerCollapse )

then thursday you'll want to go lesbo (gender changes and temporary gender loving is allowed.) it's grrl parts doing their uhaul thing at chances!

uhaul flyerCollapse )

and then came friday the 13th. (i was born on friday the 13th so it's like a mini birthday for me. bring me presents!)

i am still doing unknown pleasures every friday night at #s. get there early! i am only on until 10:30pm! even better drink prices on fridays until 11pm than danseparc! so in honor of lux interior of the cramps who recently died....


unknown pleasures every friday night at #s flyerCollapse )

and then came valentine's day this saturday. you know what i think of valentine's day? i'm getting my kitten fixed that morning. no love for her! but you don't need love to have fun.

v-day party flyerCollapse )
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graduation [08 Feb 2009|08:39pm]

Hey you guys....
I feel completely stupid, but - when is graduation this semester??
For NSM? I've looked up and down on their website, can't find it.. How am I supposed to order my invitations?!
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Selling Textbooks [29 Dec 2008|10:54pm]

Anyone know of a good site where I can sell back textbooks and they can buy back any book? I have 2 textbooks that I have been trying to get rid of and the UH Bookstore won't buy them back.

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