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It's the final DANSEPARC!!!

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Alright, this is it! This is the FINAL danseparc. We started this thing in 2002 with Jen (Nuromantik now known as DJ Skully), Allison (Fashmagslag/Faux Fancy) and myself, Shoe. Since then we've had DJs leave and new ones come, such as Jaime (from Fashion Kills and Substance), Stacey (Mr. Pink Eyes) and Michael. Jaime now lives in Denver, Stacey is in Chicago and Allison is in NYC. They are ALL flying down here to play a set at the final danseparc! So for the first time ever, we will have every danseparc DJ playing a set in one night!

Many have asked why we are ending it. To that we say, check out this interview: (Thank you Ramon!)

We are sad to say goodbye but it is time. We want to thank you all for making it a fun night, we owe it all to you. So we hope you can make it out one last time, even if you don't go out anymore. Let's make it a night to remember!

We will have a lot of giveaways including mix cds, t-shirts and a little zine with the history of danseparc.

The Goods:

When: Saturday October 10th, 2009 9:30pm - 2am (maybe longer if you force us!)
Where: #s - 300 Westheimer
Who: Allison (Faux Fancy), Jen (Skully), Michael, Stacey (Mr. Pink Eyes), Shoe and Jaime
Why: We want to say goodbye!

If you have any pictures, please add them to the danseparc group on flickr! (join the group and use the organizer to do a whole bunch at once!)

Thank you all again! We <3 you! See this Saturday!
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